Hello dear friends,

This blog is my place to share super fast and easy nail designs and nail art tutorials, manicure tips and nail art inspiration. I will be happy if nailcentric.net becomes your guide to fun and glamorous manicure in few simple steps.

My name is Yana and I am a mommy, a wife, a project coordinator for a multinational IT corporation and somewhere in between all of the above – a passionate nail art lover. I started this blog because I wish to reach out for people who care and share my love for manicure. I love to chit chat on various topics, so you will find a mix of posts on nail art, nail news, inspiration, tips to make things work better and other exciting manicure stuff.

I am happy to have my husband’s support who takes pictures of my creations and helps me with manicure images.

I will be happy if you reach me at nailcentric at gmail dot com or my Twitter page: @NailCentirc.

Hope to see you around!.