how to plan nail polish wishlist

Hello lovelies!

I am almost done planning my spring 2014 nail color purchases! I decided to share some thoughts on the subject with you and tell you how I build and refine my wish list for an upcoming season and I hope they will help you build yours :)

Why to plan?
I have several reasons to plan my future nail polish purchases apart from the obvious finance one. In time I have reached the conclusion that planning my future purposes makes me happiest with what I get when I get it. Plus, nail polish addiction is a serious obsession and if you do not plan your colors and buy everything on a whim you may end up with a huge part of collection you do not use, too many similar colors, lacking some colors you love, etc. So if you feel you are not happy with how your nail polish collection turns out and money is not your only/particular problem, read on for my tips how to be happy with what you get. You can also take a look at my How to build a fabulous nail polish collection on a budget post for some more related tips.

TIP 1 Get rid of the old
When I am about to add seasonal colors to my collection I always make a revision of what I already have. I do this for the sole purpose to get rid of the old rather than to decide what not to buy :) Identify nail polishes which are too old to use, you feel bored with or are sure you won’t be wearing this season and make room for some fresh additions. I throw away nail polishes which can’t be used for some reason, give away some color to people who will enjoy them more and take part in local swapping circles.

TIP 2 Know what’s trending
It is not necessary to base your decisions on nail color trends for the particular season but it won’t hurt if you are up to date so you will make an informed pick. Personally, I am excited about new trends and always have a look at them which does not mean I choose to wear all because there is always something that I love more than another.

TIP 3 Identify your LOVE for this season and get it
Some of you may have noticed that I have a huge crush for pastels this season. I absolutely love pastel shades and my complexion is still fair enough to work well with this palette. So it was not a tough decision when I made it: pastels will be my spring 2014 must have nail color picks. Find your LOVE and make sure you get it so that it will make you feel happy (until eventually starts to make you feel bored but this is a topic for another discussion).

TIP 4 Identify your LOVE for this season and stop getting it
Now this is very important, stop gravitating your wishes around that same shade you already know you love. It is easy to understand how your eyes seem to notice your favorite color everywhere and you keep sighing for its beauty but stop! You do not need more than one/two similar shades. So pick something else instead of your 10th pink this season :)

TIP 5 Don’t overspend in the beginning of a season
The fact you are planning your wish list does not mean that you will never buy anything which is not in it ever. Let’s face it, you are likely to fall in love from the first sight with a nail color at least 3 times a season :) So do not shell out all your nail polish money at the beginning of a season, you will spend more later.

Do you plan your seasonal nail colors or just buy whenever your heart tells you? What are your tips? Let me know… I will share with you my spring nail color picks in a later post.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello lovelies!

The Oscars, those most craved for movie awards, were already given away to those who most deserve them with their outstanding contribution to cinema in 2013. Apart from the movies, the celebrity fashion and beauty looks are being discussed with passion all over the internet and I think this is the most natural thing to do after the Academy Awards reception :) So I cannot pass this major event without making a closer inspection of celebrities looks from manicure perspective. So welcome back to my Red carpet nails column where we discuss celebrity manicure and do some trend spotting.

If I had to choose one word to describe celebrity nails at the Oscars this year and I was not allowed to choose ‘boring’, I would say ‘classic’. All the glamour at the 2014 Academy Awards was saved for the spectacular dresses and gorgeous beauty looks so nails had to lay back and quietly wait for all this to pass in nudes, pastels and the classic reds :) These were the three categories all celebrity manicures at the 2014 Oscars can go to. Here, it was all documented on these photos and I am sure if you can take your eyes away the haute couture dresses and flawless beauty looks you will notice nails… somewhere… there.

Nude nails at the Oscars 2014
Sure, nudes and off-whites are a total nail trend for 2014 so actually the ladies who chose them made a somewhat trendy pick. Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Jessica Biel were some of the celebrities who went for the natural look.

Shy pastel shades at the 2014 Academy Awards
Pastel shades are another key nail trend for 2014 so some celebrities chose pretty pastels for their nails at the 2014 Academy Awards reception. Jada Pinkett Smith, Julia Roberts, Olga Kurylenko and Robin Roberts were some of the ladies who went for pastel manicure for the big event.

Classic red and burgundy nails at the 2014 Oscars
Classic red is always a safe choice when it comes to nails for a formal occasion. If you do not want to play it safe but  still want to stay in the classy feel, burgundy is an option too. Anna Kendrick, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Jennifer Garner and June Squib were some of the celebrities who chose the reds for the Oscars.

There were some exceptions of the categories above like for example Charlize Teron and Sandra Bullock’s black nails but it was pretty much it.

The stiletto nails
Regarding nails shape, stiletto nails are still a top trend and it is not so hard to guess why, they are absolutely gorgeous! Lady gaga, Anne Hathaway,  Kelly Osbourne, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Lupita Nyong’o and Kate Hudson were some of the celebrities who rocked the stiletto nails on the read carpet.

If I were a celebrity, I would choose the nude look for the Oscars event. How about you :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enoyed!

Hello nail art lovers!

Now that February is over and spring is closer I got into the roundup mood :). February was a good month for the blog, I created 20 posts, got many comments, it was definitely not a lazy month for blogging :) I decided it would be a good idea if I did a roundup with my favorite posts of each month so you, my lovely readers, can have a second at posts I am most proud of. I think it would be fun to do these roundups at the beginning of each month for the previous one.

So here they are, my February favorites:

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rsz_leopard-print-nail-artHow to create leopard print nails tutorial

rsz_pink-and-blue-girly-nails-with-stones-tutorialHow to make girly pink and blue nails with stones

rsz_wedding-nails-roses-bouquetWedding nails idea with water decals: bridal roses bouquet

rsz_katy-perry-inspired-tiger-manicureHow to get Katy Perry tiger nails tutorial 

It seems I had most fun doing nail designs and nail art tutorials so all my top picks for February roundup are manicure how-tos. Apart from that I got new Liebster award nominations which left me with a total of three. I loved the idea and paid it forward to new and small blogs which I believe deserve more popularity.  I can no longer be nominated for the Liebster award as I already surpassed the limit of 200 Bloglovin’ followers. I had some very popular posts with upcoming nail polish collections too so this roundup post selection was a tough choice.

Which was you favorite February post? Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Hello lovelies!

I am so happy to write this post today because I can brag about my gorgeous pastel nail colors :) I have for you today swatches of the prettiest pastels collection and some thoughts on my Fruit Pastel experience.

You know how much I am into pastels this season. I have shown you my pastels inspiration board for spring 2014 and some pastel candy nail art. It was pretty predictable that I saved a place for pastel nail colors in my spring 2014 wish list. I did a good research on which colors to get and which brand to choose because I wanted the perfect palette which to me is soft, shy and unique shades. I definitely wanted a pale yellow and a lilac color, a mint and candy pink would be a good fit to my nail polish collection in general. So there they were, perfectly complementing each other, prettiest pastels ever and fruity scented! You cannot blame me for getting whole Models Own Fruit Pastel collection as soon as I saw it.

The whole Fruit Pastel presentation is very cute. These colors come in a standard Models Own nail polish bottle but have a fruit sticker on top and color printed caps. Lined together the polishes from this collection form a beautiful pastel palette which immediately melted my heart. The bottles are easy to hold and convenient to store.

Models Own Fruit Pastel nail polish collection

Models Own Fruit Pastel nail polish collection

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection

Formula and application
Formula is creamy and a bit on the thicker side. You should apply color carefully if you want to get full coverage in two coats as it does not build very evenly. I suggest you paint a thin coat first and after it dries add a second thicker coat to ensure opaque look. This may leave you with longer drying time if you are not using a specific product to speed the process up.

Once the colors dry you get the loveliest surprise: they smell like fruit flavored treats. The aroma is different for each color, subtle and easily goes on for two days. The polishes have great shine after they dry and it is not a must to use a top coat for shine boost. If you do however, the scent works with a top coat too.

The Fruit Pastel collection features five of the prettiest creamy pastel shades out there. All are named after fruity treats. The two photos to follow illustrate colors in order of appearance.

Strawberry Tart is a peachy pink, girly and candy like

Moddels Own Strawberry Tart swatch
Banana split is a soft yellow shade, I find it to be the most unique and rare color of all five
Apple pie is a creamy mint color, pale enough not to turn too green
Blueberry Muffin is a light blue color
Grape juice is a romantic lilac creme

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection swatches

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection swatches


Models Own Fruit Pastel collection swatches

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection swatches

With a base and a top coat these cuties last up to four days. I have noticed no difference in how the shades wear, color stays the same and does not fade.

Price and availability
Each Fruit Pastel from this collection costs £5 but you can get all five of them for £20. This collection is available at Models Own online store as well as their partnering retailers. I ordered my collection online as you cannot find Models Own brand at all where I live so it was a simple choice for me.

My verdict
I love the whole collection, pastels are a key nail trend for spring 2014 and I am happy with my choice. I will add all the colors to my permanent nail color collection but I agree that if you just want to have some fun with the trend  while it is on there are some more pocket friendly brands you will find in drugstores.

What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!